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If you decide that filing for bankruptcy protection is in your best interest, you want to retain as much of your property, while at the same time obtaining relief from your debts.  Without an experienced bankruptcy lawyer guiding you through the bankruptcy process, your property and the discharge of your debts may be at risk.  Our firm believes that the best way to represent you is to personally know you, your situation, and your reason for considering bankruptcy.

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4 Responses to “Your Property”

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I have three credit cards owing about 11,000 and one unsecured personal loan in the amount of 10,000 that i am considering filing on. I also have a home and vehicle that I do not want to include is that possible?

Yes, Crystal, I think it is likely we can help. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you. You will have to list the vehicle and home in the bankruptcy, but you can likely keep paying them and keep them as long as you are current on the payments and there is not too much equity in the vehicle or home.

when i take personal loans i would sometimes make some of my properties as loan collaterials`.:

Hello. I am originally from Kentucky. I still have a bank account in Glasgow and my parents live in Green County. I now live in the UK but still hold a US passport. I married a British citizen last year and am in the UK on a marriage visa. I came to the UK in 2006 to undertake a university course in art. I had to get three separate US loans to help pay for this. I am now in debt over $60,000 dollars to these loan providers. My monthly payments total in around $600. I have no job and take care of a house. My husband is not able to support me financially. My parents have been struggling to help pay for my loans but now are unable to. My grandmother is a co-signer for one of my loans. Would it be possible or beneficial for me to file for bankruptcy in my situation? And would my grandmother be at risk? I have been looking for a job for years and can’t attain one. My sever depression makes it almost impossible for me to work. I am not entitled to any financial help from the UK as I am still a US citizen. Any advice would be much appreciated. I will hopefully be visiting Kentucky this coming Spring if we can pool enough money together to send me out. I have no property and no assets.

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