References, Reviews and Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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We have many clients that choose us based on references from family members, friends and co-workers that we have helped and from other lawyers in the communities we serve that know our reputation and the fact that we have helped their clients. If you don’t have anyone like this to ask for a referral to a bankruptcy attorney, we can offer actual client testimonials below to assist you in your choosing. These testimonials, and many others, are available elsewhere here on this blog. Just search “testimonials” in the search bar at top right above:


“You have an excellent reputation in the local area. You are organized, professional and really know how to put a client at ease during a hard time in their life. After seeing how unorganized some other attorneys were at court, I was thankful I had your office helping me and not someone else. Thank you all so much.” – Carol

“Any questions I had I could always talk to someone directly. I would recommend your office to other people. ” – Jeff

“All questions were answered in a manner that we could understand. We were never rushed and everyone we worked with was always kind and polite.” – Joe

“(another attorney) said that John Rogers was the only one he knew who could sort out my difficult situation and that he himself could not help me. Thank you for being there for me. You were my friends when I have been at my lowest. You helped me and encouraged me. God bless all of you. I am so thankful for you all.” – DKC

“Someone was always able to answer my questions. I felt like everyone there actually cared about helping me with my situation and wasn’t just after collecting my money. ” -Julie

“I will definitely recommend this office simply for the professionalism and understanding.” -Melissa

“The staff was very easy to talk to, as was Mr. Rogers, and very knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable.” -Brent

“It was a relief to us to have someone like you to represent us. You were very professional, extremely well organized and obviously experienced in cases like ours.” -Kathleen


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How do you choose the right bankruptcy lawyer ?

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Once you have made the decision to at least talk with an attorney or lawyer about the prospect of bankruptcy, then it becomes important to find the right attorney to help guide you.  Here are a few tips that I think are important in finding the right attorney to talk with.

If possible, ask friends or family in the community where you live if they have ever had any experiences in talking with or being represented by a bankruptcy attorney.  If this is not practical, or you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you may want to talk to an attorney in the community that you know or has represented you or a family member with another legal matter.  Chances are that attorney may not handle bankruptcy matters, but most will know of the right attorney to refer you to assist you with bankruptcy.  It is very common for attorneys that practice in one area to know who is the best attorney in another area of law that they do not practice in.  They almost always want to be able to steer you in the right direction.

Also, you may want to check either on the internet or the yellow pages of your local phone directory.  Most attorneys that handle cases primarily in one particular area of law, such as bankruptcy, will want consumers to know that and will advertise or make that known either through a website or yellow pages advertisements.  The internet may be the more up to date place to check, as studies have shown that most folks find out about services now through websites as opposed to the yellow pages.

You may want to know if the attorney is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification.  This organization is the only certification group in the United States that give board certification in bankruptcy law.  Generally, an attorney that has taken the steps needed to obtain certification will have a deep knowledge of bankruptcy law and how it can assist you.  Also, you may want to know if the attorney is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.  This voluntary professional association is the largest group to assist in the professional development of lawyers that primarily represent consumers seeking relief under the bankruptcy law.  This group has two meetings per year where attorneys discuss new and changing areas of the law and discuss developing ways to assist their clients.  Again, generally, if an attorney is a member of this group, he or she has taken a special interest in staying current on legal issues to best represent their clients.

Finally, when you finally meet with the attorney, ask them how many cases they typically handle per month.  This will give you a good indication of their experience level and how they may best help you.  Just as when deciding on a surgeon, you would not want an attorney that only handles 1 or 2 bankruptcy cases every few months.  It would most likely be best to have someone who appears in court regularly and has the broad experience to assist you.

These are some general guidelines to use when searching for a bankruptcy attorney.  We will discuss more in upcoming posts.

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