The New Chapter 13 Plan in Operation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee in Kentucky Gives Her Initial Review of the New Form Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan in Operation.

Chapter 13 Trustee, EDKY: Trustee's Blog

The new chapter 13 plan form has been in use for a month now.  I’ve looked at about 125 plans, mostly from Best Case and CinCompass, with a few prepared in MS Word.  Some aspects of the plan form work well, but attorneys for debtors and for creditors need to be aware of common glitches and errors to watch for.


1) These boxes on page 1 of the plan are almost always checked correctly:plan notices included not includedI have seen a handful where all of the “included” boxes are checked, but none of the provisions is actually included.  A mistake or an exercise of caution?

2)  With plans prepared using a software program, if a section is marked “none,” the rest of the section is not reproduced.  A 10-page form can be condensed into a much shorter plan to be printed and served. if none is checkedTHE BAD:

1) The total amount of plan…

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A New Year, A Fresh Start !

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Today we begin the new year of 2018. However you celebrate the new year, welcome it as an opportunity to begin anew.

When you consider the bills you owe, the first of the year can be a great time to consider getting a fresh start and putting some of those bills behind you. There are many options to assist you and an attorney can review those options with you. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be one of those options.

We are now accepting new clients for bankruptcy for the coming year. Give us a call today to discuss your financial situation. Call 1-888-651-9353 toll free to schedule your no obligation, no hassle, free visit with us ! We look forward to helping you get a great beginning to the new year !

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney John Rogers

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As the weeks of Christmas and the Holidays are upon us, please take the time to enjoy visiting with family and friends and fully appreciate the comfort brought by that fellowship. Set your cares aside, if only for a day. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !

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Keep updated on the latest info in Bankruptcy Law

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via Register Today for NACBA’s 2017 Virtual Bankruptcy Workshop

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Do creditors have you cornered ? What is Bankruptcy and how does it work ?

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Before filing a bankruptcy case, you and your attorney should analyze your eligibility for different forms of debt relief available under the Bankruptcy Code and which form of relief is most beneficial to you. Be sure you understand the relief you can obtain and its limitations.

To file a bankruptcy case, documents called a Petition, Schedules, and Statement of Financial Affairs, as well as in some cases a Statement of Intention need to be prepared correctly and filed with the bankruptcy court. You will have to pay a filing fee to the bankruptcy court.

Once your case is filed, you will have to attend a first meeting of creditors where you will be questioned under oath by a court official called a “trustee”. At this meeting you may also be questioned by your creditors.

If you choose to file a Chapter 7 case, you may be asked to reaffirm a debt. You may want help deciding whether to do so. A creditor is not permitted to coerce you into reaffirming debts.

If you choose to file a Chapter 13 case in which you repay your creditors what you can afford over a 3 to 5 year period, your attorney will help you in preparing your Chapter 13 plan and with the confirmation hearing on your plan which will be before a Federal Bankruptcy Judge.

If you select another type of relief under the Bankruptcy Code other than chapter 7 or chapter 13, you will want to find out what should be done from someone familiar with that type of relief.

To get started, be sure and meet with an attorney that is experienced with filing bankruptcy cases. Most attorneys will offer a free, no obligation first meeting to explain the process and see if bankruptcy can help you.



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Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation ?

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Are you considering debt relief through a consumer credit counseling  or debt consolidation service ?

You may be surprised to learn that they can do more harm than good to your credit.  Many times, bankruptcy is a better option, and we will be happy to sit down with you and thoroughly discuss your personal financial situation in order to help you decide what is the best solution for your financial problems.

In analyzing your particular situation, we always consider if there is an alternative to filing bankruptcy.  The decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult choice for many people to make.

A bankruptcy will affect, in some fashion, your future credit.  Bankruptcy, though,  does not totally destroy your ability to get credit in the future.  The decision to file bankruptcy must be carefully made in consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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Repossessed Vehicles and Bankruptcy

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Attorney Bob Litchfield of California gives a great description of the perils you face if your vehicle is repo'd and then sold. As he says, you could be facing tremendous debt even after the vehicle is sold with what's called a "deficiency balance". You may be able to use Bankruptcy to discharge this debt. Watch the video below for his description, which applies to any state.


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References, Reviews and Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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We have many clients that choose us based on references from family members, friends and co-workers that we have helped and from other lawyers in the communities we serve that know our reputation and the fact that we have helped their clients. If you don’t have anyone like this to ask for a referral to a bankruptcy attorney, we can offer actual client testimonials below to assist you in your choosing. These testimonials, and many others, are available elsewhere here on this blog. Just search “testimonials” in the search bar at top right above:


“You have an excellent reputation in the local area. You are organized, professional and really know how to put a client at ease during a hard time in their life. After seeing how unorganized some other attorneys were at court, I was thankful I had your office helping me and not someone else. Thank you all so much.” – Carol

“Any questions I had I could always talk to someone directly. I would recommend your office to other people. ” – Jeff

“All questions were answered in a manner that we could understand. We were never rushed and everyone we worked with was always kind and polite.” – Joe

“(another attorney) said that John Rogers was the only one he knew who could sort out my difficult situation and that he himself could not help me. Thank you for being there for me. You were my friends when I have been at my lowest. You helped me and encouraged me. God bless all of you. I am so thankful for you all.” – DKC

“Someone was always able to answer my questions. I felt like everyone there actually cared about helping me with my situation and wasn’t just after collecting my money. ” -Julie

“I will definitely recommend this office simply for the professionalism and understanding.” -Melissa

“The staff was very easy to talk to, as was Mr. Rogers, and very knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable.” -Brent

“It was a relief to us to have someone like you to represent us. You were very professional, extremely well organized and obviously experienced in cases like ours.” -Kathleen


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What makes an exceptional bankruptcy attorney ?

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An excellent post by a bankruptcy attorney I respect greatly, Cathy Moran:

One Trait Makes a Bankruptcy Lawyer Great

An excerpt:

“Great bankruptcy lawyers take the broad view.  They look backwards and forwards from the filing date before uploading the petition.  Because bankruptcy rights and consequences flow from both the past and the future.”

Thanks, Cathy, for sharing with the public the trait that separate the average bankruptcy lawyer from the exceptional !

Update: Cathy also posted her comments to an ABI commission on suggested changes in consumer bankruptcy law.  Here is a link to her comments.  I commend them to you!



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Is Bankruptcy Biblically Moral ?

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This question and more is explored in depth by Indianapolis based bankruptcy attorney John Bymaster in his new book Is Bankruptcy Biblically Moral ?

John explores how our modern system of bankruptcy laws are rooted in many parts of scripture. He discusses how the founding fathers of our country knew this and why they included provisions for bankruptcy in our Constitution.

We have blogged on this in a past post which you can find by clicking here.

This is a fascinating area which most folks are not aware of. I highly recommend this book if you are considering bankruptcy and have concerns about the morality of filing.


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